Scrabo – Heather haven on a hilltop

View of the fairways at Scrabo

View of the fairways at Scrabo

I lost a lot of golf balls at Scrabo. I can’t really blame the course for that unfortunate fact. At the time my drives were as erratic as the Northern Irish weather, and the heather at Scrabo was a welcoming home for those wayward shots.

But greedy heather is not a criticism of this course. The heather is a superb charactersitic of Scrabo golf course. The course cuts its way through the green and purple foliage, and makes for a tremendous test for golf.

And for a weekend hacker like myself, the course gets extra credit because it is open on Saturday’s for non-members.

Under the shadow of Scrabo tower

Under the shadow of Scrabo tower

Scrabo tower dominates the skyline in the area, but this high point that looks across strangford and beyond, is at such a height that makes the coures a cold place when windy. When I played it it was a very chilly affair, so you can imagine what it is like for much of the year.

At the same time, because of the elevated nature of the course, and the quality of the turf, it means that the course is playable a lot more of the year than other park land courses.

Cost: 25

Location: On the outskirts of Newtownards, next to Scrabo country park.

A view across Scrabo

A view across Scrabo


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