Burnfield house – A hill-side course often overlooked

View of the Second green

View of the Second green

Burnfield house is a relatively new course in Belfast, and without the history of other more established clubs, it has a very casual feel about it.
It is built around a farmhouse, and so you get the feeling that you are intruding into someone’s garden.

Admittedly it is rough round the edges. For a start, the course really can’t take a lot of water. And unless you are seeking a muddy trek, then it is best to try this course after a few days of dry weather.

But despite that, it can be an entertaining little nine holes. One reason is that it affords beautiful views across Newtownabbey. It is a very open course, and there are plenty of opportunities to get the long stick out.

Burnfield House main pic

In fact a few of the holes demand long tee shots.

But the defining characteristic of this course is that it is on a hill. You are either playing up or down hill for the most part, and even the greens tend to demand an ability to putt on a slope.

For me, this course is one that is cheap to play and never shut, but be wary of the boggy ground.

Cost: 15 at the weekend

Favourite hole: eighth hole, because the second shot is down hill to a green on a ledge, with a great view over greater Belfast.

View of the second green

View of the second green


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